Annual Training Requirements

If you currently serve as an endorsed chaplain or chaplain candidate, this section is to help you.  We have listed here information that you need to navigate policies, and guidance.  Also listed here are resources and report forms that will help you and your ministry.


Currently serving chaplains, regardless of status, are required to attend a credentialing event at least once every three years, unless prevented by mission requirements. All currently serving chaplains will be supported in the maintenance of their professional credentials and ecclesiastical standing through attendance and participation in these mandatory events.

Click here for 2024 Training and Credentialing MOI

The 2024 Chaplain Training and Credentialing event will be held in two locations –

West Coast – Calvin Crest Conferences outside Oakhurst, CA – June 24 – 28

East Coast – Montreat Conference Center in Montreat NC – August 5 – 9

Virtual Option – Montreat Conference Center August 5-9. No Cost; Email: to sign up

2024 Credentialing Training:

This year’s presenter is Dr. Katherine Horvath. Katherine is an Assistant Professor of Ministry and has served at Gordon-Conwell since 1998, coordinating Mentored Ministry for M.Div. students and as Director of Career Services since 2003.  She holds an BS degree in Human Development, an MA in Counseling and a Doctor of Ministry focused on Spiritual Renewal and Conflict Resolution. She offers the course Conflict Management in Life & Ministry, focusing on biblical commitment to peacemaking complemented by a systemic understanding of how people behave. Katherine serves as volunteer chaplain in her county’s women’s pre-release prison.

Our training will focus on Conflict Resolution. Chaplains are at the forefront of efforts to pursue interpersonal and group peace and harmony. Our training will look at the dynamics of interpersonal conflict management, with principles broadened to apply to the larger context of chaplaincy, church and ministry systems. Reflection on a biblical survey of conflict scenarios will be provided as well as discussion of a variety of effective (biblical) and ineffective (unbiblical) conflict styles. The training will follow an interdisciplinary approach, including introduction to systems theory, identifying patterns within systems, and formulating strategies for conflict management and/or reconciliation. Upon completion of training each person will be able to craft their own strategies for instilling a culture of peace in their personal and ministry contexts.

Montreat Conference Center Information:

Montreat registration is open.

Instructions and information on registration (Registration Is Open Click Here)

Montreat Conf Center, Chaplain Credentialing and Training Event 2024 MOI (Click Here)

Calvin Crest Information:

Calvin Crest registration is open.

Instructions for Registration: Click here: Calvin Crest Registration Online

    1. Create a login for yourself/family here Click here: Calvin Crest Register Online *Note: If you have come to Calvin Crest before only with PFC, you will need to create a new account. If you have come to a Calvin Crest hosted summer program before and have account info, you can use that to login. If you have any questions about whether you have an active account with us, feel free to call our office at 559-772-4040.
    2. Add each member of your family that will be coming with you as a “camper” (this includes spouses)
    3. Enroll each member of your family– this will be done one at a time. You will go through the whole process, including checkout and payment for one person, then do this same process for each member of your family. Beginning with yourself, click the “Enroll for 2024” button, then select the option “Presbyterian Federal Chaplains Family Camp: June 24-28, 2024” and your age, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Continue”
      1. For each person, you will complete the application questions. Just once per family, you will choose which lodging option you would like and if you’ll be joining us on Sunday (5 nights) or Monday (4 nights). PFC’s primary lodging is the Cedar Lodge. Note: we hope you’ll join us for Calvin Crest’s full Family Camp programming which begins on Sunday! Note that if you choose to join us on Sunday, the difference in cost between the 4 night and 5 night rates will not be covered by PFC since PFC’s program begins on Monday.
      1. Next, complete the Medical Forms for the individual you are registering, then check out.
      2. Check Out: Please select “Deposit Only” for yourself and pay the $100 deposit to secure your family’s spot. For each other adult family member, you can select the “Mail Check” Option, which will allow you to finish their registration without paying additional deposit amounts. Final payments will be due upon arrival at Calvin Crest. If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at 559-772-4040
      3. Calvin Crest Conf, Chaplain Credentialing and Training Event 2024 MOI (Click Here)