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The Presbyterian Federal Chaplaincy focuses on caring for Chaplains and Military Personnel

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We are a joint ministry of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America, Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Support for Chaplains, Their Families, & Communities

The Presbyterian Federal Chaplaincy evaluates an applicant’s suitability for working in federal chaplaincies. We assist presbytery staff members and committees (committees on ministry or preparation for ministry) as they work with those who express interest in federal chaplaincy.

The Presbyterian Federal Chaplaincy supports chaplains and their families. We provide career guidance, training opportunities, pastoral care and transition assistance if and when they leave federal service. Chaplains work in a unique environment, and rarely serve near their home presbyteries and churches; it is critical that we  support them wherever they are in the world.

We try to visit our chaplains about once every two years.  During our visits, we often meet a chaplain’s supervisor. We help supervisors understand the unique role of chaplains serving in the federal government.

We also strengthen the relationship between our chaplains and their churches by offering annual training courses. These annual training courses focus on professional development, nurturing family relationships, and Reformed worship.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care for those who serve is in many  ways our most important ministry. We take care of chaplains when they are in crisis.  From the application process to retirement, we build a relationship with each chaplain and their families. We pray daily for them and seek to serve them and their needs.

Transition to Civilivan Life

Finally, we help chaplains transition back to civilian life. We provide career mentoring, advice on resumes, and feedback on interviewing skills.  We help our chaplains translate their federal service into related pastoral work that interview committees understand. We also help them connect to presbyteries and congregations seeking ministers with federal chaplaincy backgrounds.

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