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  • Actively serving chaplains are required to attend the PFC Annual Training and Credentialing Event at least once every three years as mission and funding permit. If military commanders cannot provide TDY/TAD funds, we highly encourage the use of permissive TDY/TAD to allow military members to attend events.
  • Annual Report Requirement: No Later than 31 December of each year, please submit a completed annual report to the PFC. Fillable PDF forms are available below.
  • Please inform the PFC of any changes to your residence, assignments or other pertinent information.
  • Please prayerfully consider supporting the PFC with a portion of your tithe.
  • All PCUSA military chaplains separating or retiring from the military should submit their DD 214 to the PFC
  • Reserve and Guard Chaplains may find this “Sample Mobilization Agreement” useful when working with churches or institutions.  Sample Mobilization Agreement.

For military chaplains please see, “THE APPOINTMENT AND SERVICE OF CHAPLAINS DoDI 1304.28” Click Here





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